Veteran Information

Funeral Information for Veterans

Thank You for Your Service

If your loved one is a veteran, we will make sure you receive any and all benefits. Our funeral home is proud to honor and pay tribute to veterans each and every day.

Veterans Burial Benefits

  • Burial in a VA National Cemetery — eligible veterans, their spouses, and dependents can be buried in a VA national cemetery at no cost to the family.
  • Headstones and Markers — eligible veterans are provided a headstone or marker at no cost.
  • Presidential Memorial Certificates — issued upon request to recognize the military service of honorably discharged deceased veterans.
  • Military Funeral Honors — at the family's request, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) will provide military funeral honors consisting of folding and presentation of the US flag and the playing of "Taps".
  • Generally, the VA will pay a burial allowance for up to $2,000 if the veteran’s death is service related. For certain other veterans, the VA will pay a $300 burial and funeral allowance and a $150 plot allowance.

Calverton National Cemetery

Calverton National Cemetery is located in Calverton, New York and was established in 1978. The cemetery serves over 750,000 veterans in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. Situated on 708 developed and 1,045 total acres, the cemetery accommodates casketed and cremated remains.

Over 7,200 burials are conducted each year. Calverton National Cemetery is the largest and one of the most active national cemeteries in the system. Please contact us and we will be glad to forward you a free brochure about Calverton National Cemetery.

Serving Our Veterans

We take pride in serving our veterans, and will assist families and non-local or out-of-state funeral directors to coordinate a burial for veterans who wish to be buried at Calverton National. McLaughlin Heppner Funeral Home also provides each Veteran’s family with a wood flag display case at no charge to the family.
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