Frequently Asked Questions

When a Death Occurs at Home

When a death occurs at home, we are available to assist you at any hour, seven days a week.

When Death Occurs Away From Home

If a loved one dies away from home, you should contact us first day or night. It is not usually necessary for you to contact an out-of-state funeral home. We can do this for you. After we take some basic information, we will make the necessary arrangements for you.


We believe that the most effective way to explain the costs of our funeral services is to meet with you in person or to discuss the specifics on a phone call. We accept all major credit cards as well.

Is Embalming Required by NYS Law?

No. However, embalming may be necessary when the deceased is to be transported from one state to another by common carrier or it may be a policy of the funeral home for open casket arrangements.


Cremation gives people the flexibility to search for types of tributes that reflect the life being honored. Cremation is considered to be an alternative to ground burial but this doesn't mean that aspects of traditional funeral services have to be discarded. Even with cremation, a meaningful memorial that is personalized to reflect the life of the deceased could include:
  • A visitation prior to the service
  • An open or closed casket
  • A ceremony at the funeral chapel, your place of worship, or other special location
Cremated remains are placed in an urn and committed to an indoor or outdoor mausoleum or columbarium, interred in a family burial plot, or included in a special urn garden.

Cremation also gives families the option to scatter the remains. This can be done in a designated cemetery garden or at a place that was special to the person. Today, cremated remains can even become part of an ocean reef or made into diamonds.
If you would like further information on the cremation process, you may visit Mt Pleasant Cemetery's website.
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